2nd Joint Call

The projects of the second jointly coordinated, transnational call for project proposals in Industrial Biotechnology, entitled: "Industrial biotechnology for Europe: an integrated approach"  are known: BioSurf; ChitoBioEngineering; GenoDrug; IMMUNOTEC; INTACT; MESIAB; MicroTechEnz; ProAChIm; Products from lignocellulose; and Pseudomonas 2.0. Out of the 46 applications, 10 projects were selected for funding. The total granted budget is 11.1 Million €. The projects will run at least 3 years.

Funding possibilities were offered to excellent innovative industrially relevant R&D and applied research projects. The call was open for researchers in Flanders (Belgium), Finland, France, Germany, Saxony (Germany), Poland, Portugal, Spain, Romania and The Netherlands. Organisations participating in the second ERA-IB joint call for proposals are: IWT (Flanders-Belgium), MSES (Croatia), Tekes (Finland), ADEME (France), BMBF (Germany), SMUL (Germany - Freestate of Saxony), NCBiR (Poland), FCT (Portugal), MICINN (Spain), UEFISC (Romania), NWO, ACTS and NGI (The Netherlands).

Applications should have integrated several of the below given topics of Industrial Biotechnology into the proposal:

  •     Novel enzymes and microorganisms for new and more efficient bioprocesses
  •     Metabolic engineering for the improvement of industrial microorganisms, including syntheticbiology approaches
  •     Enzyme design combining rational and or evolutionary methods
  •     Development of multi-enzyme processes and modular enzymes
  •     Microbial stress under process conditions
  •     Development of new platform chemicals, including biomonomers
  •     Development of new and functionalised biopolymers
  •     Process analytical technologies for improved bioprocess understanding
  •     Scale-up of bioprocesses
  •     Innovative down-stream processing and biocatalyst recycling
  •     Biotechnological upgrading and valorisation of biorefinery byproducts


     The results of the second joint call are bundled into a call brochure.
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