3rd Joint Call

Twelve projects out of 33 submissions were selected for budget grants of approximately 18 million euros in total. Cross-border partnerships between academic and industrial IB actors has been established between the following countries: UK, France, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Israel, Poland, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Romania, the Russian Federation, Turkey and Portugal. All projects are in a final phase. The end results of each projects were presented during the final ERA-IB-2 conference in berlin on the 16th of February.

You can find each presentation via the project webpage below:

The selected projects cover one or more of the following topics: improved enzyme systems for new and more efficient bioprocesses; the improvement of micro-organisms by metabolic engineering and synthetic and systems biology approaches; innovative downstream processing; innovative fermentation and bio-catalytic processes (e.g. for platform chemicals, including  bio-monomers, oligomers and polymers); biological processing (including separation and conversion) of biomass (including from side streams) and other renewable carbon sources into value added products; developing new valuable products by plant and animal cell cultures.