About ERA-IB

ERA-IB is an ERA-NET funded from the European Commission's sixth Framework Programme (FP6).

In the ERA-NET "Towards an ERA in Industrial Biotechnology" partners from 12 different countries joined forces to reduce fragmentation of national research efforts in the area of Industrial Biotechnology (IB).

IB, although already successfully established in some sectors, is still in its infancy. More in-depth knowledge derived from both basic as well as applied research is necessary to fully explore the wide range of possibilities. As national strategies and activities in this area are currently being developed and implemented, it is now the moment for effective coordination and cooperation in Europe.

Therefore, 17 partners and 5 observers from 12 states decided to organize the network ERA-IB within the ERA-NET scheme. The ERA-IB network started in 2006 and within its five-year duration the partners aimed to reduce fragmentation of national research efforts and to achieve sufficient critical mass and better use of scarce resources in the field of Industrial Biotechnology.

... and its successor

ERA-IB-2 builds on the success of the FP6 project “ERA-IB” and develops the network further, into a truly pan-European approach to IB R&D funding which should ultimately lead to a self-sustained network. This ERA-net will be funded from the European Community's seventh Framework Programme (FP7). ERA-IB-2 will also align with other initiatives in the area and e.g. support the developing Joint Programming Initiatives by presenting to them the view of the national/regional programmes on IB topics.

ERA-IB-2 will increase Europe’s competitiveness in Industrial Biotechnology (IB) by providing a platform for long-lasting collaboration and cooperation between national/regional programme owners and managers of a large number of European countries, including new Member States and Associated /ICP Countries.