Call documents

How to apply

  • The deadline for the submission of the pre-proposals is 26 March 2013.
  • Applicants must use the ERA-IB pre-proposal application form which should be submitted electronically as a pdf-file (the name of the pdf-file should be the project acronym) to the ERA-IB Call Secretariat: era-ib [at] nwo [dot] nl
  • Coordinators of successful pre-proposals are invited to submit a full proposal to the ERA-IB Call Secretariat. Applicants have to return the full proposal application form by the 28th of June 2013.

In some countries it is necessary for applicants to also send additional forms or hardcopy applications as required by the national funding agencies of those countries. Potential applicants should consult the Call Text and the National Forms for their country or contact their national or regional contact person for more details.

All information about the Call for Proposals can be found in the Call Text and Guidelines for Proposals.

Consortium agreement

All project partners are required to sign a Consortium Agreement (CA) within three months of the project start, addressing the points given in the Consortium Agreement Guidelines. The CA must be made available on request to the national or regional funding organisation together with any other information required by national or regional regulations.
You can use the DESCA Model, but you are not required to use this as the basis of your CA but it is recommended by the European Commission.

Time line

Pre-proposals have to be submitted by 26 March 2013 and full proposals by 28 June 2013. The projects will start in 2014. Projects are expected to start in 2014.

Important documentation