The workflow of ERA-IB was organized in work packages. Work package 1 & 2 form the basis of the network, consisting of management, coordination, communication and dissemination-tasks. This page gives an overview of the other four work packages:


  • Status quo IB research funding
    i.e. workpackage 3

The objective of this work package is the exchange of information between partners and the determination of the status quo of national and European funding in the field of scientific and applied research in Industrial Biotechnology.


  • Joint procedures
    i.e. workpackage 4

This work package will provide the partners with a commonly accepted contractual and legal framework including provisions for handling IPR issues and embedding industrial partners, a joint funding scheme, and a jointly agreed research agenda, which will provide the basis for clustering of existing programmes, e.g. via joint calls and the implementation of new transnationally executed funding activities.


  • Research programmes
    i.e. workpackage 5

The objective of the Work Package is dual:

  1. To become experienced with and optimise the agreed joint management procedures
  2. Implement joint activities according to the frameworks developed in WP4


  • Beyond ERA-IB
    i.e. workpackage 6

This WP seeks to anchor the network and ensure its sustainability in the long run. The ultimate objective is to secure European Programmes in the field of Industrial Biotechnology.


SWOT Analysis
On the basis of the above information and in close cooperation with the section Industrial Biotechnology of the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis) of the IB research in Europe will be made. In addition, the status quo of IB-research in Europe will also be compared to the status quo in the US, Japan and China.