As well as during the previous programme ERA-IB as under this programme, ERA-IB-2, the consortium has divided the tasks in seven work packages.
The objectives of the first three work packages ‘management’, ‘coordination and networking’ en ‘communication and dissemination’ are:

  • First of all, the establishment of efficient management and activities of the ERA-Net and the Consortium, which are not covered by any other coordination activity of the network.
  • Secondly, facilitating the management and day-to-day work of ERA-IB-2 through coordination and internal communication, increasing visibility of the project and of the topic IB by representing the ERA-IB-2 towards e.g. the EU, other ERA-Nets, ETP SusChem and other ETPs, JPIs, identifying synergies with other initiatives, and opportunities for (international) cooperation and identifying potential new partners for ERA-IB-2.
  • As regards the third work package, the external communication and dissemination of project results and of information on Industrial Biotechnology and setting – up and updating the website.


The last four work packages deal with: