INSTRUCT workshop on computational protein design for biotech applications

13-15, September, 2016, Portugal

4th call project CHImerASE organises an INSTRUCT workshop on computational protein design for biotech application:

The Biomolecular Engineering Lab of UCIBIO, REQUIMTE will orginise the workshop together with the American Corners Portugal are organizing, which will take place at the FCT NOVA, Caparica Campus, Portugal, between 13-15 September, 2016.

This workshop will provide practical hands-on training on computational methodologies in the field of de novo and rational protein design. By combining a variety of complementary approaches, participants will be introduced to state of the art computational algorithms, including the Catalophore and the Rosetta modelling suit for determining, designing and optimizing novel biocatalytic functionalities, with industrial relevance.

Beside the hands-on sessions on industrial case studies, the programme additionally includes 8 open lectures from eminent academic and industrial scientists in the field, from Switzerland, Israel, Austria, France, Germany and USA.

The deadline for applications is on 30. June, 2016.

Registration is mandatory. For additional information, please visit the event website: