Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises


The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) is a non-commercial state organization set up by Russian government resolution No. 65 of February 3, 1994. Foundation’s main tasks include the implementation of government policy for the development and support of small innovative enterprises (SME); offering direct financial, informational and other aid to small innovative enterprises, implementation of projects to develop and produce new high-tech products; and creating and developing an infrastructure for SME.

FASIE has representation offices in 50 regions of Russia. In addition, FASIE provided direct financial support to establish 29 IT Centers (Information & Technology Centers) in 14 regions of Russia. Since 1994, FASIE has accumulated a wealth of experience through its support for up to 6,000 projects in Russia from 75 Russian regions, chosen from among 16.5 thousand of applications for projects. Since 2004, FASIE implements a new program “START” for financing of innovative projects at the initial development stage. During five years over 10295 projects were submitted for the competition, 2436 of them were selected for financing. Since 2006, FASIE implements a new program «UMNIK» revealing of the young scientists aspiring   self-actualization through innovative activity, and stimulation of mass participation of youth in scientific and technical and innovative activity by organizational and financial support of innovative projects. Since 2007-2008 it is signed 512 contracts and 2150 winners are revealed.

FASIE closely cooperates with foreign partners, including OSEO (France), EC 7th Framework Program, CRDF (US), BMBF (Germany), TEKES (Finland), EUREKA  and others.

Funding in industrial biotechnology

So far, many FASIE’s programs cover the topics on Industrial Biotechlology.

  • Pre-seed programs (so-called UMNIK program, where young scientists are being supported and motivated to create their own innovative companies with their original technologies- 280 persons received support on theme “Biotechnology”)
  • Seed programs (START Program) - 22 projects financed on theme “Industrial biotechnology” in 2010 and 32 in 2011 Target programs of the Russian Government being supported by FASIE- 5 projects 
  • International programs (Russian-German, Russian-French, Russian-Finnish)- up to 10 in 2010. In addition, there were a number of programs in 2009 and 2010 (Anticrisis and “Support to Export-Oriented SME’s”) which included topic on Industrial Biotechnology
  • ERANET.RUS multilateral call where FASIE is one of the funding bodies has 13 applications (out of 70, there was no thematic limitation) directly related to IB.


Current and future national calls that include Industrial Biotechnology
Current and future national programs including industrial biotechnology topics include: START, UMNIK, Export-Oriented and International cooperation programs (OSEO, BMBF, Tekes)
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Olga Levchenko
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