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Research Centre Juelich:
The Future is Our Mission...
... this is the common denominator to which Research Centre Jülich, one of the 15 Helmholtz Research Centres in the Federal Republic of Germany, reduces its work. 4,300 members of staff dedicate themselves to exploring topics that are of current social relevance in one of the largest research institutions in Europe.

In Jülich, scientists from the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and the engineering sciences base their close cooperations on the key competencies of physics and scientific computing. They devote themselves to social challenges in the fields of health, information, the environment and energy. The work comprises both long-term contributions in basic research for science and technology, as well as concrete technological applications for industry.

Data & Facts

Twelve different institutes on grounds that extend over 2.2km2! The Research Centre employs a staff of approximately 4,300 people and plays host to more than 700 visiting scientists each year from over 50 countries worldwide...


From the 'Nuclear Physics Institute' through the 'Central Institute for Electronics' up to the 'Institute of Medicine', all areas of research and development are represented at the Research Centre, with the respective units of organization handling very different tasks and pursuing diverse goals...

Project Management

The Federal Government and the federal states support research projects in industrial companies, public scientific institutions and the municipal sector. These projects are managed by the two project management organizations with their expertise, administrative experience and knowledge of the market. Supported projects benefit from specialist advice and financial management...

Project Management Jülich (PTJ)

As one of Germany’s leading project management organisations we are a partner for researchers, industry representatives and policy-makers. With our capacities in research and innovation management we help our contractors at federal and federal state level and in the European Commission realise their research targets. We thus serve as an important interface between our partners – to make Germany a competitive research and innovation location in a common European Research Area.
In 1974, the Federal Minister for Research initiated the foundation of Project Management Jülich. In the beginning its brief was to implement the Federal Governments Energy Research Programme. Today, our staff of around 340 colleagues acting in ten fields of work cover a broad thematic array.
As a largely independent unit within Research Centre Jülich we are connected to a qualified scientific environment and we can rely on an efficient infrastructure. In addition to our offices in Jülich we have subsidiary offices in Berlin and Rostock-Warnemünde.  To assure the quality of our services Project Management Jülich introduced a quality management system in 2004 that was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in 2005. 
Funding in industrial biotechnology

Many of the projects funded by PTJ deal with industrial biotechnology (IB). The most prominent funding program in the field of IB is called “Bio Industrie 2021”:
Runtime: 2006 – 2011, public funding volume: 60 Mio. Euro
The BMBF-initiative "BioIndustrie 2021" contributes to brining ideas and research results in the field of „white biotechnology“ faster from universities and research institutes to the market. As part of the federal governments high-tech strategy up to 60 million Euro of funding will go into this field of biotechnology. Additional funding from industrial partners will supplement the total funding volume for research and development projects to more than 150 million Euro.

Current and future national calls that include Industrial Biotechnology

Deadline for application within the "BioIndustrie 2021” program has been in April 2007; there is no open call at the moment within this program. Applicants from SMEs in the field of IB can apply for funding within the program > BioChancePlus (next deadline for application approx. in October 2007).