Increasing Europe’s competitiveness in the area of IB by providing a platform for long-lasting collaboration and cooperation, thus increasing quality & efficiency of national biotechnology R&D programmes. The operational goal of this phase is to enable the set-up of a self-sustained network. To achieve this, the trust built will be used to create structures which can be applied independently of organisational / political changes.


  • Creating/maintaining a strong network of programme owners and managers, to share information on national/regional IB programmes/projects as well as relevant policies
  • Aligning the network with other initiatives in the field of IB and of the KBBE
  • Disseminating, at European and national level, the results of ERA-IB-2 including results of R&D funded in its frame, and contributing to communicating the role and benefits of IB to the general public
  • Identifying R&D needs through stakeholder dialogue
  • Responding to these needs with coordinated, joint actions (joint calls)
  • Optimising efficiency of procedures for joint calls, to make them suitable for a future self-sustained network
  • Managing funded projects together in the frame of ERA-IB-2, with status seminars and expert evaluations
  • In the course of the project, assessing and optimising the existing structures and processes of ERA-IB-2
  • Developing a vision and framework for the future of ERA-IB