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RCN plays a central role in Norwegian research has an annual budget of more than 600 million EUR. The mandate of RCN is to promote and support basic and applied research in all areas of science, technology, medicine and the humanities. Important goals include raising the general level of the understanding of research in society as a whole and supporting innovation in all sectors and branches of industry.

The Research Council of Norway is a strategic body which identifies areas of special effort, allocates research funds and evaluates the resulting research. RCN is the principal research policy adviser to the government, and it acts as a meeting-place and network-builder for Norwegian research.

RCN is organised in four research divisions, one division for administrative affairs and one international unit organised directly under the Director General. RCN carries the national responsibility for the management of EU framework programmes for research and technological development and other ERA-initiatives such as ERA-nets. The broad thematic and horizontal approach of the framework programme is reflected by the way EU R&D management is organised in the Research Council: departments being responsible for national R&D programmes also host contact points for the respective activity in the framework programme.

In addition to providing information and guidance to Norwegian stakeholders from industry, academia and authorities on European collaborative research, the Research Council also plays a role as an entry point for researchers and students from other countries.

Funding in industrial biotechnology

Funding of grants in industrial biotechnology is mainly based in the program for user-driven research called BIA.  The BIA program is targeted at industry and has an annual budget of 45 million EUR. Companies may apply for partial funding of R&D projects which are based on their own strategies and challenges, regardless of branch of industry or thematic area. Thus funding of industrial biotechnology has to compete with other industrial sectors. The projects must result in substantial value creation for the companies as well as for society-at-large, and must take an international perspective. The projects are organized in consortia whereby companies and R&D communities cooperate on achieving results.

Current and future national calls that include Industrial Biotechnology

The Norwegian Government is currently working on a national strategy on biotechnology. In this strategy biotechnology as a driving technology for developing a knowledge based bio-economy has a central role. As part of implementing this strategy, a new national biotechnology program will be launched. Industrial biotechnology will be one of the thematic priorities of this new program. The first calls from this program will take place in 2012.

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