Engineered compartments for monoterpenoid production using synthetic biology

Project coordinator
- Prof. Eriko Takano - University of Manchester - UK

Project leaders
- Prof. Gerhard Braus - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen - Germany
- Prof. Per Bruheim - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim - Norway
- Dr. Horst Finkelmeier - Aroma Chemical Services International GmbH, Bad Pyrmont - Germany
- Prof. Nigel Scrutton - University of Manchester - UK
- Dr. Axel Trefzer - Geneart, Life Technologies, Regensburg - Germany
TERPENOSOME will use synthetic biology to engineer novel organelles for the overproduction of monoterpenoids in microbial hosts. Compartmentalization will reduce side products and eliminate the
toxicity problems that currently limit productivity.

  • Generate a portfolio of generic methods for the compartmentalization of biosynthetic pathways for bioactive molecules;
  • Improve the biosynthetic enzyme systems for more efficient bioprocessing;
  • Overproduce industrially relevant terpenoids, for commercialization by one of the partners.


The generic compartmentalization methodology will be exploited by our industrial partner, Life
Technologies, in synthetic biology projects on a wide range of biotechnologically relevant high-value

The second industry partner, ACS International, will exploit the improved production strains for the widely
used precursor material limonene, as well as the two high-value compounds that are the major target
molecules of TERPENOSOME.