Work Packages

  • Planning and preparation of joint calls, ensuring stakeholder involvement
    i.e. work package 4

The objectives of this work package is identifying research topics suitable for collaboration in a joint call for proposals, deciding on final call topics based on dialogue with a broad range of IB stakeholders, especially including SMEs and optimizing call administration and agree on call procedures.
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  • Implementing joint calls on a regular basis
    i.e. work package 5

This work package will focus on the development of a least four transnational calls for proposals in the area of Industrial Biotechnology. Two of these calls will be more general in subject and the other two calls will have more defined and restricted topics. Main responsibility: Execution of joint calls on a regular basis.
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  • Monitoring of projects and evaluation of joint calls
    i.e. work package 6

This work package seeks to monitor funded projects by reports and meetings, assisted by an Advisory Board (AB). At the same time, it deals with the monitoring of the call implementation, the analysis of outcome, impact and lessons learnt of the joint calls. A final objective is giving assistance in the dissemination of call results (see WP3).
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  • Monitoring and evaluation of ERA-IB-2 activities, and network sustainability
    i.e. work package 7

This work package will focus on the monitoring and (ex-post) evaluation of ERA-IB-2 activities with regard to their long-term, strategic impact, and on defining a strategy for network sustainability beyond the EC-funded period. In order to achieve this, the Consortium has set up three main objectives
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