WP 5 Implementing joint calls

The purpose of this work package is the implementation of joint calls on a regular basis. This objective will be reached by the following actions:

  • Development and implementation of a Call Secretariat: The Call Secretariat will act in close collaboration with the leaders of work packages 4 and 5. Tasks of the secretariat include the provision (hosting) of the project website, and an on-line tool for the submission of proposals will be established. The secretariat carries out administrative tasks related to the joint calls.
  • Implementing two joint calls on Industrial Biotechnology: Two joint calls for proposals will be launched with a time interval between them of approximately two years. Each of the partners participating in a call will nominate a person representing their institution in a Call Working Group (CWG), which will deal with all issues related to the call (nomination of the panel, call for proposals, submission of proposals, evaluation of proposals, project selection, etc). Proposals will be evaluated by a panel constituted by a number of high quality scientists and technologists (between 10-16 people) and the use of external peer-review evaluation if needed. Selection of projects to be funded will be based on the scientific and technological quality, economic potential, added value of the cooperation and feasibility. Projects are funded from the national budgets.
  • Implementing two joint calls on specific aspects of Industrial Biotechnology: Two joint calls on specific topics within Industrial Biotechnology will be also implemented. These could run either in parallel with the two general calls described in the previous bullet point or after each of these calls. Decisions on this schedule will be taken by the partners participating in each call depending on budget availabilities and R&D needs/priorities at that time. Topics for these calls will be selected based on the interest of the different partners and also from recommendations arising from specific workshops.