WP 7 Monitoring and evaluation of ERA-IB-2 activities, and network sustainability

The three main objectives of this work package are:

  • The Assessment of the strategic achievements of ERA-IB and its activities
  • The monitoring of the operational processes of ERA-IB-2 and evaluation of their impact
  • The identifcation of procedures to assure the sustainability of the network in Industrial Biotechnology, and development of a vision paper for the network’s future


Work package 7 will assess the expectations of all ERA-IB-2 partners, as an initiative to promote transnational coordination and collaboration in IB. The expectations on the project’s development will be a crucial element to strengthen this transnational network made up of partners with different motivations and levels of commitment. WP7 will also define indicators that will be used for monitoring the activities of ERA-IB-2. These activities will bring added value to the network compared to ERA-IB and contribute to defining a vision for the network’s future through a sustainability plan beyond ERA-IB-2.